Natural Bamboo Soap

Natural Bamboo Soap

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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Matcha facial cleansing soap: Clean, hydrating, brightening, oil control and fresh.
  • Bamboo charcoal facial cleansing soap: Effective oil control, deep cleansing, and black head improving.
  • Can help you with your oily face, pimple, acne and blackhead.
  • Adsorb the surface shine and help remove the grease that clogs your pores.
  • It has a wonderful clean powder and is skin-friendly, which can deeply penetrate into your skin and lighten it.
  • The texture is fresh and soft, which can balance the damaged skin, and improve your skin.
  • Fully nourish your skin, and it’s suitable for dry and peeling skin.
How to use:
  1. Wet the cleansing soap and rub it.
  2. Rub out the bubbles.
  3. Touch the skin with bubbles.
  4. Flush the face with water.
  5. Dry your face.
Use of Series:
  • Daily Use(Choose Matcha Facial Cleansing Soap): It contains rich green tea essence, wake the sleepy skin, diminish the dark skin, improve the overall luster, and start a fresh and energetic day!
  • Use at Night(Choose Bamboo Charcoal Facial Cleansing Soap): It adds nano bamboo superfine powder, effectively absorb grease and black head deep in pores, thoroughly cleanse the dirt accumulated in the day, and have a oil-free and fresh sleep!

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