100PC Screwdriver Set Home Tool Set

100PC Screwdriver Set Home Tool Set

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This screwdriver set includes:

8pc precision screwdriver: 1/16″X2″, 3/32X2″; PH00x2″, PH0x2″, T6x2″, T7x2″, T8x2″, T9x2″

1pc bits holder

60pc bits:

Slotted bits:1/8″X2,5/32″X2,3/16″X3,1/4″X3;

Philips bits:PH0X2,PH1X3,PH2X3,PH3X2;

Pozi bits:PZ0X2,PZ1X3,PZ2X3,PZ3X2;

Torx bits:T7,T8,T9,T10,T15,T20,T25,T27,T30,T40;

Hex bits :H5/64″,H5/32″,H7/64″X2,H3/16″X2,H7/32″X2,H1/4X2″;

Square bits:S0X2,S1X3,S2X3,S3X2;

23pc screwdriver:

Slotted :1/8”X3″,5/32″*4″, 3/16″X3″, 3/16″X4″, 3/16″X6″, 1/4″X4″,  1/4″X6″,  5/16″X6″;

Philips: PH0x3″,PH0X4″,  PH1x3″,  PH1x4″, PH1x6″, PH2x4″,  PH2x6″; PH3X6″

Torx: T10x4″ , T15x4″, T20x4″,

Square: S0x4″, S1x4″,  S2x4″

4″ awl

2pc Z-bits: PH2&SL6, PH1&SL5

6pc socket nuts: 3/16,1/4,9/32,5/16,11/32,3/8


  • Durable plastic racking shelf for well organization
  • Chrome vanadium steel shaft with heat treatment for long time lasting
  • Magnetized tips improve handling and manipulation of screws
  • Double color injected handle for maximum torque
  • Standard and precision screwdrivers for tackling jobs of all sizes

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